Health Express offers a Suboxone program in the Quincy, MA area that specializes in addiction detox. Utilizing a well engineered and tested system, Dr. Hughes works with a patient to help them overcome opiate addiction. This counseling is based on individualized planning and involves the administration of Suboxone. This is a prescribed medication. It’s an effective and safe opioid treatment used for detox purposes in conjunction with support and counseling. It’s an excellent solution for the patient that would like to avoid a local rehab or hospital stay.

If handled responsibly, Suboxone allows the patient to stop cravings without those dreaded withdrawal symptoms, and without disrupting their home and work lifestyle.

Suboxone Treatment in the Quincy, MA Area

Health Express is aware of how having painkillers or opiates a focus in one’s life can adversely affect family, friends and work. The objective of Suboxone services is to help on an outpatient basis, finding answers, solutions and to reestablish the day-to-day routine of previous life.

Health Express has a certified staff of professionals ready to discuss your case and medical history. We will develop a program specific to your needs, working in the office and with support from home. Through this treatment, expect a comprehensive approach to dealing with opiate and pain killing abuse that stands out in the Quincy area.

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Located in Weymouth, MA, Health Express offers an alternative to expensive, impersonal and life disrupting hospital and rehab programs. Ready to accept major insurance, Health Express is prepared to offer urgent care to its patients with cost effective and advanced solutions. You can often be seen the same day.

We know it’s not just you, but friends and family that struggle with an opioid dependence. Health Express wants to show everyone how to face the challenge of overcoming the stressful situation. If you or a loved one is dealing with addiction, make an appointment for Suboxone in the Quincy area with Health Express today and start the first day of a new life.