Health Express has established an Outpatient Suboxone treatment program in the Holbrook, MA area. Addiction is a mentally and physically troubling medical problem and it is a condition that must be handled with a special amount of care and professionalism.

Health Express has been able to treat the condition of addiction to opiates with a sophisticated Suboxone program that is known to have excellent results.

Specialized Suboxone Treatment near Holbrook, MA

It is important that credible professionals supervise the treatments of powerful medicines, such as Suboxone. Health Express provides the environment and help needed to treat opiate addiction.

  • A reputation that ensures the best medical supervision
  • The most up to date technology and medications available on the market
  • Specialized treatments depending on the condition of the patient
  • Minimization of the side effects of the Suboxone treatments

Side effects of Suboxone treatments.

If the treatment is not properly overseen and monitored, side effects can get in the way of a full recovery for people who are trying to get over addictions to opiates. The highly trained and specialized medical professionals at Health Express know just how to bring a patient on and off of the Suboxone medication so that there will be the least amount of side effects possible.

$350 is the flat fee we charge for starting our Suboxone program in the Holbrook, MA area. This is the cost for patients to enter the program, be induced, and for access to the doctor during the stabilization process onto the medication. We are now requiring an upfront deposit of $50 for new Suboxone patients or that they leave a credit card number in order to book a spot into our program. Any deposit will be deducted from the initial cost of $350 paid during the first visit. We understand how difficult it can be to make the decision to seek therapy and hope we can assist you in making it as painless as possible.