Suboxone is a convenient way to overcome an opiate addiction. Regardless of whether it was Vicodin, Oxycodone, heroin or any other opiate that caused the addiction, help is available. This treatment has helped many people around the country and you can get the help with our Suboxone treatment program in the Braintree, MA area. Doctor Hughes is licensed by the DEA to use Suboxone for outpatient treatment of opiate addiction and patients can often be seen the same day.

Confidential Suboxone Treatment Near Braintree

Once you have decided to get help for your addiction, you can rely on Health Express to provide you with the treatment you need in a confidential setting. You can take advantage of:

  • Phone calls and local visits
  • A comfortable environment
  • A flat fee for the program
  • Can often be seen the same day

You will have access to Dr. Hughes throughout the program to assist you with the stabilization process. Once you begin the program, you can then begin monthly visits.

Personalized Suboxone Program and Treatment

It’s important to understand that addiction is different for everyone. As a result, Suboxone has to be given at different intervals and the stabilization may take shorter or longer for individuals depending upon the length of the addiction as well as the severity. When you come to Health Express, you will be working one on one with Dr. Hughes to learn about your options. You will then be able to come back each month to see a doctor, talk about any issues you are having and receive more of the treatment drug.

When you receive personalized addiction care, it will be easier to overcome the addiction. If you have a support team around you, it will also be easier. Health Express can help in all regards, including finding a support system.

You have identified that there is a problem. Obtaining help for your addiction is of the utmost importance and Suboxone in Braintree, MA is now available.