sports physical weymouth, holbrook, randolphIf you’re looking to play a sport in a league or in a Holbrook, Randolph and Weymouth, MA area school, it’s imperative that you get a sports physical. It’s required that a medical professional perform the physical before registration or the beginning of the school sports season. The purpose of the physical is to be sure everyone who participates is physically able to do so which keeps all participants as safe as possible.

If you get this kind of physical you’ll see that it’s broken into two distinct sections: a report that shows your medical history and a routine physical that’s given by a certified physician. The results of these two areas are used when determining your overall health, and ability to safely compete in league or school sports.

Health Express Sports Physicals – Complete and In-Depth

Many sports physical exams involve an important history that digs into your medical past and any injuries you may have received as well as any conditions that may make you ineligible to participate. These could include: high blood pressure, head injuries, medications, etc.

The health history report makes note of the following:

  • Emergency contact info
  • Family medical history
  • Prior illness or injury
  • Problems related to your heart
  • Allergies
  • Head injuries sustained in the past

The exam portion of the physical allows a physician to determine is something is out of the ordinary:

  • Rhythm and rate of your heart
  • Pain or tenderness in your joints
  • Curvature of the spine
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Reflex issues

Get Your Sports Physical With Plenty Of Time To Spare

sports physical health express maThe requirements of sports physicals vary. To find out exactly what is required, contact you local league or the school in charge of the sport and ask about the requirements. It’s a good idea to inquire about any forms you may need to bring with you to the physical for the examiner to sign.

At Health Express, we have office hours that make it easy to get a sports physical when you need it, no appointment is necessary. Visit our location in Weymouth, serving the Holbrook and Randolph, MA area today.

Check in is easy and can be done online. We have several exam rooms, an X-Ray department, and an on-site lab so you will receive high quality medical care from an ER trained doctor that is both fast and convenient.