sports physical abington, hansonIf you are planning to register to play team sports in a youth league or in your Abington, Hanson, Rockland and Whitman, MA area school, it is very likely that you will need to complete a sports physical prior to registration. It is imperative that this physical is performed by a certified medical professional in order to meet the legal requirements of participating. Another purpose of the physical is to ensure everybody is safe.

When you get your sports physical it is usually split into to parts: a report that outlines your medical history and a physical that is performed by a licensed physician. The results can help determine your general health and well-being, your ability to participate in a sport, and any medical issues you should be aware of.

Get a Sports Physical With Health Express

Most sports physicals have a health history report that records your medical history and injuries you may have had in the past as well as any conditions that may be a factor if you participate in a particular sport. These conditions may include high blood pressure, fainting spells, prior broken bones or sprains, etc.

The health history collects some of the following info:

  • Emergency contact info
  • Illness history within your family
  • Problem or conditions with your heart
  • Allergies
  • Past head injuries

The physical exam portion will allow a physician to see if there is anything that might be out of the ordinary, including:

  • Heart rate and rhythm
  • Joint pain or stiffness
  • Any curvature of your spine
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Reflex issues

Before Your Season Begins, Get a Sports Physical

health express whitman, rockland, sports physicalQuite often, the requirements of sports physical vary by sport and league. You should know the requirements of your league and/or school before you have your physical performed. Contact the league or school regarding specific requirements and if there are any forms that must be signed by the physician.

Our hours fit your schedule and busy life, and Health Express makes it easy to get a physical when and how you need it, no appointment is necessary. Visit our location in Weymouth serving the Abington, Hanson, Rockland and Whitman, MA area today.

Check in is easy and can be done online. We have several exam rooms, an X-Ray department, and an on-site lab so you will receive high quality medical care from an ER trained doctor that is both fast and convenient.